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Andrea Behling

I opened Universal Swell in January of 2007. That spring, I graduated from the University of Utah in Exercise Sport Science and with a Minor in Nutrition. Currently, I am preparing for the prestigious Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam through the NSCA. My areas of expertise include training for aesthetics, but to achieve that through a more performance-based training style. To be more athletic and capable outside the gym in whatever sports or activities you love. I particularly enjoy and excel at preparing athletes in the lifetime sports (skiing, snowboarding, backpacking, wakeboarding, biking, you name it). I am also experienced in the pre-natal and post-natal realm; as I have trained many ladies before, throughout, and after pregnancy. I run a Babywearing Bootcamp for moms to carry their babies, and workout in a bootcamp class atmosphere with other like-minded women. As an aside, I trained myself after 2 pregnancies and prepared myself for an NPC figure competition 10-months post-delivery. Qualifying me for the National-level Figure competition: NPC USA's. I have trained several people through dramatic weightloss and overall lifestyle changes to bring them to a healthier state of being and with and healthier relationship with fitness. Overall, my clients all become lovers of the gym. Not just for the performance enhancement and aesthetic improvements it brings, but for the love of the gym itself.

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