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Chris Bell

I come from a background of sports and functional fitness. I've worked with D1 athletes, special populations, seniors and kids of all ages. As a Fitness Professional, I strive to not only motivate and get immediate results for my clients, but to educate and build long term health and fitness habits.

I always offer the first session for free. I understand that personal training can be costly, and while this is my career, I want to make it as affordable and worthwhile as possible. I'm always happy to go the extra mile and provide in-depth answers and spend extra time with my clients so they feel like they're learning something new each time they come to workout.

Learning what your body is actually capable of, and then seeing results beyond that limit, is a thrill no matter what level you're at. It doesn't matter if you're breaking records, or simply being able to do your first push up. I love seeing people's excitement when they reach a goal, no matter how small, and even more so I enjoy being the one to help you get there.


Phone: 520-465-9715

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